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About EnrollUT

EnrollUT.org is a nonprofit organization.

We're comprised of licensed health insurance professionals in Utah who want to help people find better healthcare coverage.

We understand the struggle.

EnrollUT.org understands the very real struggle to find the right health insurance plan each year. e complexity of the ACA, affordability tests, tax credits, cost sharing reductions, carrier changes, network changes, discontinued plans, new plans, deductibles, maximum out of pockets, copays, coinsurance, prescriptions, durable medical equipment, income limits, appeals, data verification requests, claims, denials, balance billing, out of network coverage...it is a lot to process! Fortunately, there is a solution! And even better, it is FREE! A local, licensed health insurance broker will work with you to find the right coverage for you!

EnrollUT.org has identified health insurance brokers that:

  • Meet the highest standards of ethics and customer service
  • Are located in Utah
  • Specialize in the individual marketplace and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Are Independent (work with ALL insurance companies)
  • Have current annual Marketplace Certification (2021-2022)
  • Are licensed to sell health insurance by the State of Utah